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Car Insurance Definition

Isn’t it odd when people never bother to go online to get a few car insurance quotes? It only takes a few minutes and can save people a bundle, so why don’t more people do it? Maybe they’re uninformed about the process. After all, getting a quote online is quicker and easier than calling an agent on the phone.

Instead of giving out a slew of information over the phone, you just enter a few details and send off your quote request. Shopping online is quicker and easier, so you can get three quotes in the time it would take to get just one over the phone. The Web makes it easy to follow the advice of money-saving experts and get three prices on everything before you buy.

Old Habits Die Hard
It is common for people to prefer their old ways. Someone who has always gotten insurance through referrals from friends and family is comfortable doing it that way. Cousin Mike says he gets a good deal, so the insurance shopper automatically goes with Mike’s agent, never checking the price.

Little does o…